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Do you or a Senior /older adult loved one ever feel a little down during the week?


Does your loved one say they feel alone or isolated as everyone else begins their busy work or live week? This programme aims to improve their emotional health, in general.

These, once or twice weekly calls, provide a happy connection with a call partner who has been matched with you based on your profile.

These calls can offer much-needed human connection and joy, by engaging your loved one in light discussion, based on hobbies listed in the profile, playing games to engage the mind, or just listening to what's on their mind.

Image by Annie Spratt

How Does It Work

Once you enrol, a member of the TAARE Talk Team will give you or your loved one a voice call at a pre-arranged time. The 30-minute call would include light discussion and brain-stimulating games that engage both the creative and logical sides of the brain.


Hindi, Gujarati, Hinglish, English
If you need any other languages, just call us. We will figure it out for you

Plans & Costs

Rs 1500 per month, for a Once a Week Plan
Rs 2800 per month, for a Twice a Week Plan
- Plan charges are payable in Advance

Contact Us

Call us / Whatsapp us at +919324381469 to Know more......

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