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Come join our Existing Team of Volunteers

* Age - 16 years and above (for anyone below 21 years, Parental consent would be required)

Online Volunteer

To Conduct 45 minutes sessions online, once a week, for our Seniors, using Zoom. Sessions could include, games, quizzes, light exercises,  Music / singing etc. and decided by You. 

The session should help our Seniors improve their Mental or Physical health. Help them learn something new, give them a sense of companionship, fun and achievement


Your commitment would be for 1 hour a week (15 min of preparatory work and 45 min of Online Sessions with Seniors). Online sessions are  @ 5:00 pm Monday - Friday

ZOOM Coordinator

Our Online Sessions are on Zoom at  5:00 pm Daily Monday  to Friday

The Zoom Coordinator Volunteer would log in 5 minutes before, put on the holding video, ensure that the Online session being presented is being watched and heard properly by the members during the entire session before logging out.

The Zoom Coordinator would be 'behind- the-scenes" ensuring the entire session is conducted properly

Age of the Volunteer can be 16+ and the person should have a PC / Laptop with an internet connection and speakers / headphones.

Training would be provided to the Volunteer, to help the person get started

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